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You imagine it. We create it.
We specialise in customisation. If you have designs in mind that are not on our website or are looking to customise feel free to reach out to us for a chat.
Every project is made to order, the standard lead time is up to  7-10 working day for production (after both artwork approval + 70% deposit). 
For urgent projects, do reach out, as we will need to determine if the project timeline is feasible for us to handle.

Our services and pricing includes installation of the wallpaper in your home! So do not worry about installing it yourself! Be rest assured and leave it to our professional installers.

Please check out each service based products’ FAQ section (wallpaper/furniture laminate/glass films/magnetic board/fine art canvas & photo prints) in their respective pages! 
There are more details of the process in engaging our services, to tips and know-hows there! 
We try our best to minimise human error, however in the event that you have received a defective or incorrect item from us, please contact us within the same day of delivery with your order number and photo of product(s).
We will get back to you on the return or exchange process.
We go global = Yes, we ship worldwide, using established international courier.
Here’s a summary of our delivery costs for our products (not services):
  • 10 SGD — Local (Singapore)
  • 20 SGD — International (Worldwide)
  • Free — For orders above 100 SGD
  • Free — For self collection @ our office by appointment only (Singapore 534167) 
What are wall decals?
They are the perfect solution for quick home decor pieces to beautify your living space! Especially for the flickered-minded!
With a unique adhesive you can wipe, stick, remove and re-apply! Change up your space whenever and wherever in your home.
It’s a reusable fabric decal, so its based material is already textured, giving these decals an additional luxurious feel and great pleasure to touch.

Our Decals are great for: 

(1) Parents with kids, who are decorating their kids room! When they grow up, the decals can be easily remove and/or changed to fit the season that they are at! 

(2) Young couples/adults who are renting! They can now decorate their rented home at ease without any hassle when they need to reinstate the space to its original make!


How can the decals be re-stick-able and re-usable?
The adhesive used on our decals is different from the usual vinyl sticker. It’s a unique technology that ensures its adhesiveness even after multiple (re)applications! We are currently exclusively bringing in such material in Singapore!
Will my wall get damaged? And how durable are the decals?
Our decals are great on most surfaces! They look exceptionally good on flat surfaces! Walls with bumps or are heavily textured are not recommended or ideal. 
With its unique technology, even with time, they will leave no residue on your wall when removed or reused. 
They are very durable! Based on our own experience, the decals at our office — were placed in the same position for four years, and even after removing them, it’s adhesiveness of the decal is still strong, and our wall looks fine.
Here are some quick tips:
1️⃣ Wipe Surface Clean
Ensure the surface is clean and free from dust
2️⃣ Stick
Peel off from the backing and apply it to your allocated placement on the surface/
3️⃣ Remove
Your like your space to be different once in a while? You can change it. Remove the decal without residue or damage to the surface.
4️⃣ Re-apply
Re-apply the decal back on the surface with no worry of the adhesive losing its strength
How are the decals packed?
We will bubble wrap them and put them in an envelope for delivery!
How can I stay up-to-date on new collections & promotions?
We are super active on Instagram, so follow us, like and turn on your notifications!