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By Love Milo




Certification: Green Guard Gold, Bio Pruf
Fire Rating: B, s1, d0
V.O.C Non-Emission: A+ label
Production Time: 4 working days
Installation: 1 working day
Wallpaper Glue: Potato Starch

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Design Options

Blue, Grey, White, White & White


Linen: An elegant and chic finishing. Go for a sleek, elegant and stylish look with this silky-like cross-weave pattern which is sure to bring class to any home.

Grated: An understated plaster effect finish that adds a subtle and ages quality. Its gentle irregular grain makes it perfect for true colour and vibrant graphic images.

Fibre: Subtle, sophisticated, versatile. Beautifully subtle finish with the appeal of fine art. This finish goes well with graceful imagery as well as vibrant pictures.


Nicki Ellis is the dynamic and creative force behind the proudly local bespoke homeware and décor studio, Love Milo which specialises in ceramic, wooden, glass and textile products. While completing a Bachelor of Arts degree in motion picture at AFDA, specialising in cinematography and visual design, Nicki started her career as a freelance photographer in 2002, working on various fashion brands, stores and product launches. After having her photography work featured in various galleries around Cape Town, Nicki trained under David Grant as a telecine grader. She was then hired as a full-time grader for television commercials, feature films and music videos at Condor Post Productions, which later became Waterfront Studios. There, she spent 5 years honing her craft and nurturing her eye for colour composition, working with notable brands such as BMW, Woolworths, Nestle, Coke and Vodacom.

In 2010 Nicki found out that she was pregnant with her son, Milo. This exciting news motivated Nicki to create for herself and to begin on a journey her son could be inspired by, so she took the leap and started her own homeware and design brand Love Milo. Nicki’s exceptional and unique eye for detail and passion for beautiful design is reflected in the rapid success of the business: within 2 years the brand grew massively from a start-up to supplying décor items to wholesale to both national and global retailers, working with retailers on custom designed products as well as operating a highly successful online consumer business.

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