Crazy Palms Gold - Round


Making your space truly yours with your personality and flavour is simple and effortless with our Centerpiece product.


Choose an artwork to express yourself and when you feel like you’re entering a new season, you can easily switch up this centrepiece with something else.

Discover LayerPlay’s Centrepiece to own your space. It looks great, clean and elegant, and is easy to apply.

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50 cm/19.6", 80 cm/31.4", 110 cm/43.3", 140 cm/55.1"


LayerPlay’s centerpiece is made using 100% polyester made from Europe and printed using waterbased latex ink creating a beautiful, odourless and VOC free centerpiece for your home.


Franco Moz is an award-winning custom wall covering designer and Chief designer at Robin Sprong Wallpaper. In 2019, he won The International Design & Architecture Award for Best Wallcovering Design for his work with House Biden Bishopcourt in Western Cape, South Africa.

The Tropical Leaf collection, at Robin Sprong Wallpaper was designed by Franco Moz. These palm trees and banana leaves are one of the most sought after ranges and are incredibly versatile – they can create a relaxed, cosy interior feel, or be used in different colours to turn a feature wall into an elegant masterpiece.

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