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Centrepiece – Customised


Making any space truly yours with your personality and flavour is simple and effortless with our Centerpiece product.


Choose an artwork to express yourself and when you feel like you’re entering a new season, you can easily switch up this centrepiece with something else.

Interior decoration can be made simple, easy and fuss-free with our Centrepiece! Our collection has designs that fit with any interior style and aesthetics, whether you want something traditional, colourful or more abstract it can give that beautiful home decor touch to your living room, restaurants and many other places.

Centrepieces are easy to apply and remove, plus they won’t damage your walls! Save time and money while transforming your home. All you have to do is decide, buy, paste and use! Each of our unique designs is removable and reusable and can be reused with other LayerPlay products.

You can add a sense of sophistication to your interior spaces instantly for a party at home or a special event in a commercial area with our Centrepieces. Whenever you want to, you can always switch it up with another design, or store it away for future uses!

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80 cm/31.4", 110 cm/43.3", 140 cm/55.1"


LayerPlay’s centerpiece is made using 100% polyester made from Europe and printed using waterbased latex ink creating a beautiful, odourless and VOC free centerpiece for your home.

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