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Jungle Tangle

By Tara Deacon



Certification: Green Guard Gold, Bio Pruf
Fire Rating: B, s1, d0
V.O.C Non-Emission: A+ label
Production Time: 4 working days
Installation: 1 working day
Wallpaper Glue: Potato Starch

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Design Options

Grey, Natural


Linen: An elegant and chic finishing. Go for a sleek, elegant and stylish look with this silky-like cross-weave pattern which is sure to bring class to any home.

Grated: An understated plaster effect finish that adds a subtle and ages quality. Its gentle irregular grain makes it perfect for true colour and vibrant graphic images.

Fibre: Subtle, sophisticated, versatile. Beautifully subtle finish with the appeal of fine art. This finish goes well with graceful imagery as well as vibrant pictures.


Tara Deacon is an Illustrator & painter originating from Pretoria, South Africa and relocated to Berlin in 2014. Her work explores the simplicity of everyday observations, a combination of memory and place- both real and imagined.

Her compositions are populated with characters influenced from her travels, personal relationships, books and popular culture, bringing a narrative storytelling quality to her work. The intrigue and magic of nature, plants, overlooked everyday scenarios, found treasures and objects are themes she often explores.

The bright & bold colour palette she works in is achieved through solid planes of colour in her favoured medium of gouache and pencil crayon on paper. Her curiosity to play with colours and how they work with one another in a composition expresses a cohesive flavour of optimism and vibrance reminiscent of her homeland. 

Her work evokes a sense of nostalgia, naivety and sensitivity, which are all done by hand in watercolour, gouache and ink.

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