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Wallpaper – Landscaper

By Love Leigh




‘Landscaper’ features organic shapes and hand-drawn-looking lines which creates depth and a natural vibe in any room. With its minimalist yet playful design, the ‘Landscaper’ artwork is sure to add character and charm to any room. The subtle colours and soft lines of the wallpaper create a calming and relaxed atmosphere, making it a great choice for a bedroom or living room. This wallpaper is a beautiful and inspiring addition to any interior design that celebrates organic shapes and artistic expression.

Wallpapers can be creatively used to change the outlook of a space or room, you can also customise your own design here if you would like to use your own images or designs. Here at LayerPlay, we believe that art can be of great value even in the cosy interior spaces that most of us are in all the time, whether at work or at home. To bring creative and outstanding artworks to elevate walls and homes, we have designs from both international and local artists curated for you.

Check out other designs here, as we have a wide array of home decoration products such as DecalsCenterpieces and Art Prints. We are a Singapore Interior Decor Brand that specialises in Mural and Luxury Wall Decor. All our wallpapers are printed and produced in-house locally! Materials are sourced from Europe, it is printed with Child-Safe ink and Greenguard certified. You may also come to our Downtown Showroom at Commune, Millenia Walk in Singapore to view our wallpapers.

Certification: Green Guard Gold, Bio Pruf
Fire Rating: B, s1, d0
V.O.C Non-Emission: A+ label
Production Time: 4 working days
Installation: 1 working day
Wallpaper Glue: Potato Starch

Additional information

Design Options

Black White, Dusty Plum, Faded Pink, White Creme


Linen: An elegant and chic finishing. Go for a sleek, elegant and stylish look with this silky-like cross-weave pattern which is sure to bring class to any home.

Grated: An understated plaster effect finish that adds a subtle and ages quality. Its gentle irregular grain makes it perfect for true colour and vibrant graphic images.

Fibre: Subtle, sophisticated, versatile. Beautifully subtle finish with the appeal of fine art. This finish goes well with graceful imagery as well as vibrant pictures.


Love Leigh was founded out of a self-taught love for graphic design and illustration. Love was born in Cape Town in 1982 but has since gained experience in the graphic design and textile industry in Denmark and Sweden.

Love is also a painter and passionate about murals as this allows him to convey what he dubs “vibrations” relating to his intricate line illustrations and his pieces conceptually. His work incorporates organic forms and masked characters of a fictional world.

The intricate nature of his illustrations, and the movement and balance they depict, make them an eye-catching addition to a variety of spaces. Have a look at Love Leigh’s collection and pick a design to enhance your space.

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