Centrepiece – Snowy Scenescape (Monochromatic)


Save time and money while transforming your home. All you have to do is decide, buy, paste and use! Centrepieces are smart, fun and easy to apply to create a focal point at home or in any commercial space.

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Interior decoration can be made simple, easy and fuss-free with our Centrepiece! Our collection has designs that will complement any interior style and aesthetics, whether traditional, colourful or abstract, you will be able to find something!

Centrepieces are easy to apply, to remove and won’t damage your walls. Save time and money while transforming your home. All you have to do is decide, buy, paste and use!

You can add a sense of sophistication to your interior spaces instantly for a party at home or a special event in a commercial area. You can always switch it up with another design for a new look, or store it away whenever you want.

Cheryl Teo designs this Centrepiece, ‘Snowy Scenescape’ (Monochromatic), which is an abstract painting, created with acrylic paint, using a palette knife – to make the different organic textures and depth. This abstract painting can be interpreted in many ways – it could be snow-capped mountains in the distance or fish swimming in the water.

Cheryl is a local textile artist and designer in Singapore, you can find more of her works in our Wallpaper Collection or Art Prints Page.

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80 cm/31.4", 110 cm/43.3", 140 cm/55.1"


LayerPlay’s centerpiece is made using 100% polyester made from Europe and printed using waterbased latex ink creating a beautiful, odourless and VOC free centerpiece for your home.


Cheryl Teo is an established Print Designer and Artist who has worked with over 40 iconic Brands across all industries, including VMware, Dolce & Gabbana, Love & Bravery, Chanel and more.

She prides herself in creating all her prints and designs from scratch – always starting on a blank canvas and hand-drawing and painting all the elements in her designs. This ensures that all of Cheryl’s designs are one-of-a-kind, versatile and refreshing!

Cheryl’s exclusive designs can be translated onto all surfaces – fabric, interior, ceramics and everything in between! Her work serves to add vibrancy and life to any regular item, and most importantly, to bring a smile to her clients and their customers!

In her repertoire of work, Cheryl has created mural paintings, prints for food packaging, custom illustrations, fashion prints and more. She also runs engagement programs such as Live Illustration Events with corporate partners, and is also an established Trainer, conducting both online and physical painting Workshops for all ages.

For more information and partnership opportunities, check out @cheryltart on Instagram where she posts her works and designs! The possibilities are endless!