Now everyone can have a piece of Truffles at home. Oh wait, that sounds so wrong.


Truffles Wall sticker does not come with a white background, so it is advisable onto a white wall. If you happen to install it on a grey wall, you will get a grey cat.

Package comes with:
1 set of Fabric Sticker
1 set of transfer paper
1 set of squeege
1 set of instruction

Artwork Size: 30cm(w) x 22cm(h)


Our fabric wall stickers are environmentally- friendly, non-toxic and PVC free. They are safe for families with young children, pets and do not emit any odour.

They can be applied onto any smooth surfaces such as cabinets, glass and doors. The material is water resistant but not waterproof, therefore it is NOT advisable to use it outdoors or as a car decal.

These are easy to apply and remove. For best results, clean surface before applying. It is not advisable to use them on textured walls.

To clean, simply wipe with cloth. To avoid damaging decal, do not rub too hard while cleaning.


Stephanie Raphaela Ho (Muffinsaurs) has been passionate about drawing since she learned how to hold a pencil. She lives in Singapore with her husband, dog and two cats. As the creator of strange, amazing and sometimes odd things, Steph finds inspiration in daily encounters.

In 2016, Steph uploaded a timelapse video of her cat mural which quickly went viral. Her murals depicting all manner of quirky animals have since been featured on local and international media such as Buzzfeed, The Business Times and the news on Channel 8.

Stephanie is also the author and illustrator of “The Adventures of Fatman & Superchub”, a comic about unexpected superheroes who do not give a cow poop about their weight and body image. Her first self-published coloring book “Creatures” was released in 2018, featuring odd animals and even odder stories.

Stephanie’s current ambition in life is to create works that will put a smile on people’s faces. Lastly, she also finds it strange that she is writing about herself in the third person.

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