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Wallpaper – Sketchy Sparkles

By LayerPlay




Introducing the exclusive LayerPlay Collection, meticulously designed to fulfill the desires of contemporary homeowners seeking unique and stylish options. Allow us to present ‘Sketchy Sparkles’ from our Shapes Series—a cozy and serene wallpaper adorned with a simple yet captivating pattern in cool tones. Its minimalist charm brings a sense of tranquility to any space, making it ideal for children’s rooms or toddlers’ playrooms. Available in two elegant colour variations: Blue Brown & Blue.

Whenever we enter a space, LayerPlay believes that art can add great value. We curate designs from international and local artists to bring creative and outstanding designs to your walls and homes. Our products include DecalsCenterpieces, Art Prints, and many more.

Here at LayerPlay, we offer luxury wall decor and murals. Printed and produced locally, all of our wallpaper is made in-house! Our materials are sourced from Europe, printed with Child-Safe ink and Greenguard Certified. You may also come to our Downtown Showroom at Commune, Millenia Walk in Singapore to view our wallpapers.

Certification: Green Guard Gold, Bio Pruf
Fire Rating: B, s1, d0
V.O.C Non-Emission: A+ label
Production Time: 4 working days
Installation: 1 working day
Wallpaper Glue: Potato Starch

Additional information

Design Options

Blue Brown, Blue


Linen: An elegant and chic finishing. Go for a sleek, elegant and stylish look with this silky-like cross-weave pattern which is sure to bring class to any home.

Grated: An understated plaster effect finish that adds a subtle and ages quality. Its gentle irregular grain makes it perfect for true colour and vibrant graphic images.

Fibre: Subtle, sophisticated, versatile. Beautifully subtle finish with the appeal of fine art. This finish goes well with graceful imagery as well as vibrant pictures.


Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of LayerPlay, where quality and innovation take center stage. LayerPlay, a leading wallpaper supplier and interior decoration brand in Singapore, empowers homeowners and organisations alike to effortlessly transform their spaces.

With a focus on bridging the gaps in home decoration and bringing art to spaces, LayerPlay proudly presents its exclusive wallpaper collection. Each wallpaper is carefully curated by our talented team of creatives, bringing both quality and thoughtful designs into interior spaces. Offering a diverse range of captivating options, we strive to provide choices that align with your personal style while elevating the ambience of your living spaces.

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