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Fine Art Canvas & Photo Prints

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Add depth and life to your space with quality prints. Styling at your fingertips.

When it comes to printerior, we’ve got you absolutely covered down to the little details. We have various mediums for you to print on when it comes your artistic photos or digital art (painting, illustration, etc.)

Here are the mediums we have to print on:

  • Artist Canvas

Also known by the variations: canvas printing and stretched canvas printing. Canvas print is a popular interior decor choice to beautify one’s living space as they stand out beautifully and are ready to hang.

Our canvas has texture on its surface. Any prints made on it, naturally emits an artistic quality that is not achievable with traditional Fine Art Paper. The canvas materials are also tough & durable, making them much more resistant to fingerprint marks and careless handling. We use a gallery-wrapped style for our canvas, where the image/ artwork continues and wraps around the sides of the canvas frame.

  • Metal Print / Dibond Photo Printing

Metal Prints are another art medium for preserving photos. Unlike the conventional paper or canvas printing, your photos will shine with a silvery look, making them pop as they are imprinted into a specially coated aluminium sheet.

Having your printed photo/ artwork on a metal piece hung on your wall brings an industrial, modern touch to the space, especially since it does not require frames.

  • Acrylic Print

Photo/ artwork printed will be mounted on acrylic without distorting the colour or appearance of the paper. The acrylic face mount takes advantage of its refractive qualities, which helps to illuminate your print in the perfect lighting. It also gives the photo/ artwork a levitating flowing effect off the wall.

Enables the photo/ artwork to become a magnificent premium showpiece with the astounding contrast, vibrancy and colour permanence (less prone to fading over time) achieved. These prints are relatively heavy but they are durable and lasting.

Photo Paper VS Fine Art Paper

The difference between a photographic print and a fine art print has to do with the paper involved with the print.

  • Photo Paper

Normal photo paper meet the needs of some users when it comes to printing photos to be viewed on an occasional basis, whereas fine art paper will ensure that images are shown off in their best light and provides good performance when exhibiting prints.

  • Fine Art Paper

Fine art prints are made with high-quality archival inks on acid free fine art papers using a high-resolution large format printer. These are also known as fine art giclee prints. Fine Art Paper are acid free and have a lifespan of over a hundred years and usually don’t fade, crack or turn yellow. Fine art paper has to meet a certain quality criteria in order to be considered fine art paper.

/ Recent Projects

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Residential Projects / Customised Artist Canvas

In this post, we’re featuring a customised canvas print! Want to transform your space without doing anything major and at a low cost? This little wall decor idea of adding a graphic element to your space could just be the solution for you!

During installation we always make sure that your print is in its perfect position ready to greet your guests!

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Residential Projects / Customised Artist Canvas

Here’s an example of our artist canvas done for Mum Blogger, Liang May, @mmlittlee.

“Sheila Chen, a pet artist from Hawaii, drew a portrait of Gyps in watercolour. It is a small 5×7 piece. I wondered if this small portrait can be blown up into a 30 x 40cm canvas print and asked @LayerPlaySG to see to it for me.

I asked and they delivered!”

— Mentioned from Liang May

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Metal Print

The metal material enable the photo’s white highlight areas to give off that silvery look, making the images look really good – magical with a vibrant glow!

Not only is it a highly durable, waterproof and scratch-resistance material, but it is also lightweight, as its printed on a 2mm thick aluminium sheet.

Note: These are photos examples of Metal Prints.


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