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Written in the Wind II
Wallpaper – Sunset Jaguar
Summer House
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Rp lp 1 homeowner 4
Residential Projects / Mural Wallpaper

It’s possible to find a wallpaper design here at LayerPlay to fit your interior style!

The design used here is Lake Of The Flamencos by @florchedufau. It perfectly matches with the distinctive living room ceiling fan which has a resort-like vibe.

Rp lp 2 homeowner 5
Residential Projects / Mural Wallpaper

Extend your fantasy garden into your living space with ‘Cloud Forest’ design by @avalana_design

This is one of our top favourite artwork in 2022!

Rp lp 3 homeowner 2
Residential Projects / Customised Wallpaper

Here’s a dad’s love for his son to realise his dream of being a superhero by bringing the adventure into his bedroom.

We’re featuring a customised superhero wallpaper that we’ve recently printed and installed for a house, interior designed by @styledbypt

Rp lp 4 twitter
Twitter SG Office / Customised Wallpaper

In May 2022, we did the wallpapers in Twitter’s new office space.

The wallpaper design was done by their in-house design team. We only managed the printing and installation process.

Rp lp 5 nom icecreamstore
Nom Gelato @ Erskin Road / Customised Wallpaper

Here’s a customised wallpaper we’ve printed and installed at @nomgelato new home/space! The beautiful wallpaper designed + commissioned by @8eyedspud!

Special mentions to
?@wyto_architects for the wacky + cool interior design
?@finbarrfallon for all the photos of this wonderful space

Rp lp 6 tiongbahru scaled
Tiong Bahru Bakery @ Funan / Customised Wallpaper

Here’s a customised wallpaper we’ve printed and installed for @tiongbahrubakery , designed by .

This is also how a little touch, like a feature wall, can add on to the brand experience of the space.

Rp lp 7 yogamovement
Yoga Movement / Die-cut Mural Wallpaper

An innovative way to create a unique backdrop by having an additional odd-shaped wall with backlights and covering it with wallpaper, in front of the original wall.

Also another detail in the installation is the application of wallpaper on a curved surface.

This was a project done for @yogamovement, commissioned by @serene.t_design

The wallpaper designs used here are from artists @lemon__official and @patriciabraune.

Rp lp 8 wework scaled
WeWork @ Suntec / Customised Die-cut Wallpaper

Here’s a wallpaper designed by @wework in-house design team for their space at Suntec.

We can print on our wallpaper material, die-cut them into odd shapes and install them where you require them to be.

Rp lp 9 commune immunity scaled
Our Showroom @ Commune / Mural Wallpaper

This wallpaper is ‘Immunity’ designed by @roomthirteen collection,
a boutique design studio based in cape town.

See this in person at Commune in Millenia Walk!

Rp lp 10 commune sunsetjaguar scaled
Our Showroom @ Commune / Mural Wallpaper

Looking for an exotic sense in your interior? Sunset Jaguar is the right mural wallpaper for you. Designed by , based in the UK.

See this in person at Commune in Millenia Walk!

Rp lp 11 ielo office
IELO Design Office @ Chander Road / Mural Wallpaper

The wallpaper used here is ‘Palms’ designed by ALove Supreme.

This simple interior decor thought makes the current space a lot more distinctive and lively.

Rp lp 12 f1 scaled
F1 Singapore Suite / Customised Wallpaper

Here’s a project (walls of various dimensions) we’ve installed and printed for F1 Singapore Suite, commissioned by @outeredit , an established local creative agency.

In collaboration with them is @rachael.lum a local illustrator that created the artworks for the various walls.

Rp lp 13 homeowner scaled
Residential Projects / Mural Wallpaper

This stylistic and expressive conceptual piece, ‘Mask’, is by @loveleighsa an artist + illustrator from Cape Town, now based in Copenhagen.

If you’re looking for a creative edge to your living space, check out Love Leigh’s artworks.

Rp lp 14 homeowner ceilingwallpaper
Residential Projects / Ceiling Wallpaper

This was one of our first few times applying wallpaper to the ceiling and we genuinely enjoyed the simple yet elegant finish.

On the left is an example where wallpaper can be joined from wall to ceiling to create a luxury style!

On the right we used a wood grain stock image that the client provided to us to print and install on their ceiling only.

Rp lp 15 homeowner arch
Residential Projects / Mural Die-cut Wallpaper

On the right is the artwork ‘Botanic’ by @florchedufau looks absolutely stunning on this arch wall here, for one of our residential projects for a client!

On the left is the design, Cloud Forest by

Arch walls are definitely becoming one of the upcoming trends in residents’ homes and the addition of wallpapers is definitely a great way to beautify our living spaces!

Rp lp 16 nursinghome
Commercial Projects / Mural Wallpaper

Here is an installation for a client that has island wide presence here in Singapore! Transforming a plain room into one that’s bespoke and novel.

The artworks featured here are ‘Tropical’ by @lemon__offical.

Rp lp 17 homeowner 3
Residential Projects / Mural Wallpaper

Walls in our homes doesn’t have to be boring! You can always be creative by adding on a suitable wallpaper design according to your preferred styles!

We love @florchedufau’s artworks like ‘Africa’ that is being featured in this post. This was done for a residential customer in their new home!

Rp lp 18 homeowner 6
Residential Projects / Mural Wallpaper

The artwork featured here is ‘Botanic’ by @florchedufau, perfect for any nature lovers out there.

Rp lp 19 homeowner 7
Residential Projects / Mural Wallpaper

The artwork featured here is ‘Cloud Forest’ by @avalana_design that we’ve installed for a beautiful home in Singapore.


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